5 Unique Hotels in the World It Was in The Extreme

Hotels are unique in the world will give you the experience of staying in a hotel room, in a different way. Starting from the hotel room was under water up to the hotel that is on the precipice.

Of course, your vacation will be more fun if you could spend a vacation in a couple of unique hotels in the world.

You can feel the quietness of the woods with a stay in a hotel room in the form of a tree house, to enjoy a luxury hotel room in a cave in Turkey.

1. Manta Resort, Tanzania


This is one of the first to be under water in Africa. You do not need to bother looking the pool with a stay at this hotel room. Because the room was immediately surrounded by ocean. A suitable place for sunbathing as well snorkeling right from the hotel room door.

2. Tree House, New Zealand

new zealand

This tree house has a perfect view from behind the curtains of her room. This unique hotel room directly overlooking the beach with a beautiful view of the mountains on the other. It is located in a lush forest in New Zealand.

3. Gamirasu, Turki


Flinstone bermaterial this stone house, is the most luxurious hotel in Turkey. From behind the door, you will be presented with a swimming pool with water so clear. Anyone not be able to resist a swim in the pool this clear.

The concept of this hotel room offers something different by combining primitive shelter, but with modern facilities and luxuries. You will get an unforgettable experience by staying in this hotel room.

4. Skylodge Adventure Sutes, Peru


Like stay in the cloud, you will be presented with a view of the extreme ever. Perched on a high cliff, this unique hotel room presents the beautiful scenery below. Even the walls are made transparent, so you can enjoy the fresh air in the mountains once the natural scenery with a very spacious hotel rooms from different angles.

5. ION, Islandia


While bathing in the warm water pool in Iceland, you will enjoy the view of the special dish and you will not get in this hotel apart.

This is the only hotel that offers the most beautiful views of the Aurora Borealis on the northern part of the world. Although ticket towards Iceland is not cheap, the experience was staying at this hotel will be the most unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


4 Change Personality When Broken Heart


Heartbroken can happen to anyone, regardless of age or sex. This phase always make people cry, desperate to feel unloved. These feelings arise when a person experienced a broken heart.

when someone’s broken heart, there are some changes in his personality, among others:

It’s hard to move on in life

Heartbreak is so depressing. Every time we remember why the love affair had run aground. This is what makes us always feel sad and empty all the time. The days of increasingly heavy to pass.

Do not believe in people

When we feel disappointed, we will be hard to trust people, especially the opposite sex. This is because of trauma to the previous love. Moreover, if we first have great confidence in the former.

blaming the state

Heartbroken will leave deep wounds. These conditions will make us always want to do negative things that we always blame the circumstances.

Not interested in the hobby

Hobby we used to do as a couple suddenly turn into something unattractive. Initially we hobby is reading a book or music CD hunt with a partner, but now gutted we no longer interested to do so.


Official: AC Milan Boyong Gustavo Gomez


AC Milan have announced the transfer of young defender Paraguay, Gustavo Gomez, from Atletico Lanus.

The arrival of 23-year-old defender was announced shortly after Silvio Berlusconi decided to sell Milan.

Gomez brought Rossoneri on loan via livescore123 news sport, but could patent his contract at the end of the season. Had wanted to make a permanent contract, Milan have to pay about € 8.5 million.
“Newcomers to the Rossoneri: welcome Gomez,” Milan said in a statement on his Twitter account.

Gomez has recorded 63 appearances in Lanus and scored six goals during his career in the Argentine First Division.


7 Exercise Keep Fit Body Makes It Even Sitting All Day


The work piling up making you unable to move from the front of the computer on the desk, so it was hard to get a lot of exercise to keep your body fit. Whereas keeps the body moving is very important.

But not to worry, these simple exercises below can pump blood without having to leave the table

1. Practice good posture

Exercises such as this is one of the best exercises you can do to the body. Try to keep your spine as straight as possible, so that unnecessary pressure on the bone will be reduced.

2. Stretching

Be sure to stretch the muscles regularly to improve blood flow, reduce the likelihood of blood clots, and improve muscle strength.

In addition to stretching, it is also necessary to stretch the neck muscles. You can move your neck forward and backward slowly, then to the right and left side.

3. Turn the little wrist

This will help reduce carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS), a condition that affects the hands and fingers to experience a sensation of tingling, numbness, or pain. And reduce the stiffness caused by the arthritis.

4. Tighten your abdominal muscles

Try to tighten your stomach and hold for a few seconds and then release. Do this five times or more.

5. Exercise knee

Place a rubber ball in the back of your knees and squeeze it for eight to 12 count, then repeat.

6. Lift the leg

This exercise can be done by placing the ball sandwiched between your legs. Repeat this movement as many times as needed to make your legs a bit tired and healthy.

7. Weights

Use something that weighs about one to three pounds, and lift with your hands. To train the biceps and triceps muscles, lift the weight over your head.


This reason Developers Change Pokemon Go


Last week the CEO of developer company Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs, said it would stop any third-party applications related to Pokemon Go.

The decision is a little faster than the anticipation of Pokemon Go players who download third-party applications.

Moreover, updates Pokemon Go which has been downloaded 100 million times it also removes an important feature in Pokemon Go. The features are trackers Pokemon closest to gamers.

Tekno quoted from Ubergizmo, Friday (05/08/2016), the efforts of companies that want to block the service Pokemon Go from these third parties make gamers difficulty finding and catching Pokemon around them.

Many gamers consider Niantic has ruined the game now international. Niantic also spoke on this matter.

“We have limited access because of a third party to intervene in our ability to improve the quality of service for users and bring Pokemon Go to users around the world. Most of the users in the world have been using games of this, and it is an interesting challenge,” said CEO Niantic Labs, John Hanke.

With the abolition of Pokemon Go feature, the developer also said it has removed 3-step display to enhance the basic design.

“Though enjoyed by many users, 3-step display is not included in the main design of our products. We try to improve this feature,” he added.

The company also mentioned that they were busy and working hard to deal with complaints from users. Unfortunately, this explanation did not satisfy many players Pokemon Go.

Even so, the players hope will make the decision this developer Pokemon Go so games better and more sustainable.